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UNICORNS ASSEMBLE! Have you ever wanted to know what the process of writing Wynonna Earp is like? Are you an aspiring writer or just a huge fan? Join Emily Andras in this 2-hour writing workshop where she will detail how to start script-writing and how to navigate the industry. She'll explain how to 'break down' your own script, get a job in a TV Writers' Room, and eventually sell and produce your own show. She'll divulge the keys to developing a vision and give tips on staying true to your voice (and that of your characters). She may even share tips on how to convince your network to let your lead do an entire season while pregnant.


All Earpers welcome! This writing workshop is an inclusive and safe place for all to come and learn! No writing experience necessary, but laughter is key. 


Please note this is the last time Emily will be offering this workshop in North America for at least a year.

The workshop schedule is still TBD, but it will be held on Saturday or Sunday in one of the breakout rooms. Stay tuned for time and location announcements.  

Tickets will be sold for $120 + processing fees. There are a limited number of tickets available. You will not be able to attend this workshop without a valid convention ticket.