Terms and Conditions

About Earp-a-palooza:
Earp-a-palooza is a unique fan experience formed by fans, for fans, in association with LTA FANtertainment, LLC. Earp-a-palooza is dedicated to creating an environment where all fans feel safe and accepted. Earp-a-palooza is all about celebrating what it means to be an Earper. The organizers of Earp-a-palooza created this event on a volunteer-only basis.


Normal Convention Event Hours:

For VIP Entry:

Friday: TBD | Saturday/Sunday: TBD

For General Admission:
Friday: TBD | Saturday/Sunday: TBD


Date and Location:

April 1- 3, 2022 in Columbus, Ohio at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and Hyatt Regency Columbus. 



TICKETS WILL NOT BE MAILED OUT IN ADVANCE. Please present your e-ticket or mobile ticket at registration for a badge to enter the convention activities. Tickets are sold through Growtix and all Growtix processing fees will be added to the ticket total during checkout.


We will not sell tickets on site at the registration desk. 


All children ages 12 and under are FREE** with a paid Adult Admission.  Children MUST not be left unattended at the event. Limit 1 Free Child Ticket per paid adult ticket. 


**Except for the VIP package - each person, regardless of age, must have a ticket for admission to the VIP night events.


There are NO REFUNDS on admission tickets for any reason. Tickets can be sold and transferred to someone else at your own discretion.

In the unlikely event that Earp-a-palooza is cancelled, we are not held responsible for refunding any airfare or accommodation costs. You will be alerted ASAP for any event cancellations or rescheduling. In the event of a date change, all tickets will be transferred to the new date and honored accordingly. 

Admission for Minors:

There is no age limit to attend our event. It is up to the parents to determine if this is acceptable for their child. It is also up to the parent's discretion to decide whether or not they allow their children to attend alone. LTA FANtertainment, LLC cannot accept responsibility for any unaccompanied minor. 


Guest Appearances:

While all guests are booked and promoted by us in good faith and assurance that they will appear, unforeseen events may cause guests to cancel, including but not limited to: scheduling conflicts, work commitments, health issues, emergency, and inclement weather. All conventions suffer cancellations for one reason or another. Although cancellations are disappointing for all of us, tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE as they are a guarantee for access into the convention and not a guarantee of any particular advertised guest.





Earp-a-palooza is a fun and safe space. This means we expect all attendees, guests, vendors, staff and volunteers to be respectful of the rules to create a safe environment for fans of any and all ethnicity, creed, religious background, political background, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, sexual orientation, etc. We are all here to have a great time, so please use common sense and be courteous.


These activities are not allowed at Earp-a-palooza:


  • Engaging in disruptive and unsafe behavior that disturbs or endangers the attendees, guests, vendors, staff, hotel staff, or volunteers.

  • Physical or verbal harassment of the attendees, guests, vendors, staff, hotel staff, or volunteers.

  • Any activities deemed to be nuisances to the convention or the convention premises, including excessive noise or behavior considered generally disruptive.

  • Any act which could result in substantial risk or harm to people or property.

  • Sexual misconduct, such as indecent exposure, offensive touching, or sexual harassment.

  • Misconduct, unsafe, or disruptiveness behavior caused by alcohol intoxication

  • Alcohol consumption by anyone under the age of 21

  • Engaging in any other activity prohibited by law


If it is determined – either by observation or by complaint – that an individual or group has broken the above guidelines they will be:

  • Warned to cease and desist;

  • Asked to leave the convention, or;

  • Removed from the convention for a period of time to be determined by staff.


Earp-a-palooza DOES NOT condone underage drinking, or the purchase of alcohol for minors. Alcohol is served at several of our activities and we will have colored bracelets to determine the age of those choosing to drink. If we determine any attendee, staff, guest, vendor or volunteer is disobeying these rules and laws in anyway, you will be asked to leave the convention immediately and no refunds will be given. In certain circumstances, the appropriate authorities will be contacted.



Earp-a-palooza aims to make accommodations for everyone, but due to financial and logistical issues, we will not always be able to accommodate for everyone. We strive to do our best, so if you have any special requests, please fill out our accessibility accommodation form, so we can be sure to do our best at assisting you. Also, don’t hesitate to email info@earpapalooza.com with any questions, recommendations, or requests.


If you have hotel accessibility questions, please contact the Hyatt Regency Columbus directly with your questions.

The Greater Columbus Convention Center may have wheelchairs and mobilized scooters for rent on a first come, first serve basis. If you need to reserve one, please contact them directly prior to the event or visit the guest services desk inside the convention center.


The main panel room will have special designated seating available for those in wheelchairs or mobilized scooters, and those needing to sit closer to the front due to visual or hearing impairments. We will also have volunteers on hand to assist those who may need a chair to sit in while waiting in lines. 


Costuming, Props and Dress Code:

Cosplay (Costume Play) is highly encouraged, but some restrictions apply:

  • Footwear is required (do not come barefoot).

  • Costumes that are deemed to be indecently revealing are prohibited.

  • All props resembling weapons should be automatically recognizable as fake, meaning all guns should have a full orange tip.

  • All cosplay weapons must not be able to shoot anything. This includes air-soft guns and bb guns. 

  • Again, all cosplay weapons MUST BE fake. Weapon should not function at all, or have functioned in the past.  

  • All cosplay weapons will be subject to inspection by security. Any real weapons in the convention will be confiscated by security and may result in expulsion from the convention, and further legal repercussions.

  • Weapons check will occur next to registration, daily. Once registration is closed, so is weapons check. If you plan to wear cosplay with a weapon at any time throughout the day, please visit registration first thing to have your prop cleared and tagged appropriately.


Photography and Video:

Out of respect for our attendees and guests, all unauthorized photography, sound recording, and video throughout the convention/hotel is strictly prohibited at Earp-a-palooza.  In regard to selfies with guests, please read below.


Please respect the other attendees if taking personal photos around the convention space. Do not take photos of other people without their permission.


Only authorized and approved persons will be permitted to take professional photos and video recordings throughout the convention space and near the cast members. These approved persons will be given a special indicator on their convention badge. No other professional, commercial or non-commercial filming or photography is permitted without prior written consent from Earp-a-palooza staff.


If you are chosen as a representative of Earp-a-palooza through photos and videos, you waive your claim for compensation in regards to the photos/videos that are taken. All photos will be delivered to Earp-a-palooza after the convention is over and an Earp-a-palooza watermark will be placed on them before uploading to our website. Full credit for photographs will be given to each photographer but you should not join the digital media team in order to take photos or videos for yourself. You will be acting as a representative of Earp-a-palooza. Our celebrity guest contracts prohibit the sale of any photographs taken of the cast members. If we see any photos for sale after the event, we will escalate the situation to the guest agents and they will handle accordingly. 

No live-streaming or recording video is allowed during the panels. Only persons approved and authorized by Earp-a-palooza staff can take video recordings during panels. Earp-a-palooza will record and post all panel videos online to our official YouTube account after the event (some exceptions may apply).  Videos posted by Earp-a-palooza must NOT be replicated, redistributed, or reposted to other sites such as YouTube. 


Photography and video recording is not permitted in the autograph room, except when selfies are purchased at the tables. If you are caught taking photos or videos around the guest autograph tables, you may be asked to leave. Photography and video is also not permitted at special meet and greet events with cast members and workshops, except when authorized by a guest or someone on staff. 

Video recording at Earp-a-palooza for anything that relates to video blogs, media/news sites, commercial or promotional content, research, documentaries, etc. is not permitted unless written permission has been obtained from Earp-a-palooza staff. We take very seriously the type of content that is associated with Earp-a-palooza to protect its integrity. 

By attending Earp-a-palooza, you consent to allow your image to be used in photographs, video recording, and/or sound recordings on our social media pages, websites, media releases, and/or other locations in association with Earp-a-palooza and promotion of this event and any future events.



Autographs will not be sold online prior to the event. They will be sold on a cash-only basis at the event at each guest’s autograph table. The purchase of an autograph can be used to sign an item of your choice or an 8x10 photo provided by the guest.  


The purchase of ONE autograph ticket allows an autograph of ONE item from the SINGLE guest it was purchased for. Any additional autographs desired need to be purchased separately. You can purchase more than one autograph for a single guest. 


“Selfies” will also be sold on a cash-only basis at the autograph tables for a price set by the guests. Please be respectful to the cast in these photos, and do not request a photo that would otherwise make the cast member feel uncomfortable. Boundaries still exist. Please respect them. 


You may have a brief conversation with the guest while they are signing your items, but remember to please be respectful of all fans wishing to get an autograph and do not hold up the line. If a volunteer believes you are holding up the line, you will be asked to finish up and move along. We will do our best to ensure everyone at the convention has the time to get the autograph of each guest. Please be sure to check the schedule for designated autograph sessions and plan your time accordingly.


Professional Photo Ops:

Earp-a-palooza is partnering with Celeb Photo Ops (previously named Wolf Studios Photography) to offer professional photo ops with the celebrity guests of our event.


All info and tickets pertaining to photo ops will be announced when they are available and will be sold on the Photo Ops ticketing site. A link to this page will be provided when tickets are available.


Food and Drinks:

Due to venue food and beverage contracts, all outside food and drinks are not permitted inside the convention space. If you plan to consume outside food, please finish it before entering the convention spaces such as the panel room, autograph room, photo op room and other rooms associated with Earp-a-palooza activities.

The convention center has a food court with several dining options. The Hyatt Regency Columbus also has several dining options.


Alcohol will be served at the convention, so please have your photo ID present always if you plan to drink. If a volunteer or convention attendee reports any suspicions of underage drinking to a staff member, staff will have no other option than to ask those people under suspicion to leave. We do not tolerate underage drinking and will proceed with all means necessary under the law. 

Badge Policy:

Your event badge provides admission into the event, and should be worn always while onsite.  If an Earp-a-palooza staff member, volunteer, venue staff member, or security member asks to see your badge, please present the badge. Failure to do so could result in expulsion from the convention. It is unlawful to duplicate or sell your badge.


All lost, misplaced, or stolen badges may not be replaced. If you lose your badge, immediately report it to the registration desk or a staff member so we can contact you if it is found. A photo ID is required to claim a lost badge, so we recommend taking advantage of the provided space on the back of the badge to write your name and phone number. Replacement badges may be offered for a fee, if available.


In our best efforts to protect our guests, their families, and all the fans who plan to attend Earp-a-palooza, we have implemented what we believe to be the safest way for us to gather. Please view our COVID-19 guidelines & make plans to follow these procedures. Please view our guidelines and policies in detail here: earpapalooza.com/covid19 

If you have questions or concerns about these guidelines, please reach out at COVID@earpapalooza.com


Privacy Policy:

At Earp-a-palooza we take very seriously the security and integrity of our attendees’ personal information. That’s why we commit to protect this information.


Personal information collected by Earp-a-palooza is information about an identifiable individual that may include the name, the email address, the mailing address, the phone number and the credit card number.


Earp-a-palooza collects customer information for different reasons:

  • to provide a positive customer experience;

  • to collect payment for products and services;

  • to understand customer requirements and keep the customers updated on the event.

  • to contact you about matters regarding the convention. 


We only have access to/collect information that you voluntarily give us via email, orders, contests, or other direct contact from you. Earp-a-palooza does not use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with the consent of the individual. Earp-a-palooza retains personal information only as long as necessary. If required, the attendee can ask for their personal information to be modified or removed from our database.

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time and all updates will be posted on this page.


If you have questions about this policy or about handling of your information, or if you do not want to receive future marketing communications from Earp-a-palooza, please contact us.



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