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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not included in this list, please feel free to contact us at


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What is Earp-a-palooza?

Earp-a-palooza is the premier U.S. fan convention dedicated to SYFY’s hit TV show, Wynonna Earp. This convention was created by LTA FANtertainment, LLC.  


I won’t be able to attend but would like to support the convention, what can I do?

We thank you for all the support we’ve received from everyone. Please continue spreading the word to Earpers, and support us on social media. We have merchandise for sale that helps contribute to the convention, as well as a donation link where you can give any amount you feel like. We appreciate all the support that Earpers have shown us. Without you guys, this wouldn’t happen!  


Do you have a designated room block?

We do! You can book your hotel through the link on our website. Booking link coming soon. Booking through this link will give you the special Earper discount and it ensures that your rooms are location within our convention room block. It's also very important to book through our link to ensure the hotel knows you are with our group. Hotel rooms are limited so don’t wait to book your room. 


​Will there be security?

Security will be present at the venue, as well as around and inside the meeting rooms. Badges will be checked when coming in and out of the hotel area, as well as security tagging any cosplay weapons. We advise leaving any large bags in your rooms, as security will be checking bags every time you enter the hotel and meeting rooms. 


Is there an age requirement to attend Earp-a-palooza?

All ages are welcome! However, people under the age of 16 will need a chaperone. Also, hotels will not allow anyone under the age of 18 to book a hotel room. 


​Can I volunteer?

Of course you can! Volunteer applications will open up this summer, 2021. 


Are there rules or restrictions for the convention?

Yes, please read our terms and conditions for a detailed explanation of our rules and restrictions.


Is there a lost and found at the convention?

The lost and found will be located at the registration desk.


Are fans allowed to wear costumes?

Yes! We want to see all the Earpers dressed in their best cosplay! All weapons must be fake. No real weapons allowed. Cosplay weapons should not be able to shoot anything, including air-soft guns. Please be sure to read our terms and conditions for the detailed rules on Cosplay.


Will you have special accommodations for people with disability requests?

Yes, we plan to do our best to accommodate those with disability requests. 

How do I let you know I'd like to request disability assistance?

If you need to request assistance in any way, please fill out the form here, and we will reach out to you. Or you can email us at with your questions/concerns. 

I need a hotel room close to the convention space or on a low floor, can you help?

Any and all questions regarding your hotel reservation will need to be handled by the host hotel directly. If you have room accessibility questions, please contact the hotel directly with your questions regarding your reservation. The Hyatt Regency Columbus has ADA compliant rooms and areas of the hotel are all wheelchair accessible.



Do you offer refunds?
Due to the nature of this event, all ticket sales are final. There are no refunds.
Can I transfer my ticket to someone else if I cannot attend?
Yes. Please email to do this. 


Can I buy a ticket at the door or do I have to buy them in advance?
All weekend packages are only sold online prior to the event. If the event does not sell out online, you will be able to purchase single day tickets at the door in cash-only. We advise purchasing your tickets in advance to ensure you get to attend.
Do children need a ticket?
All children under the age of 12 will not need a ticket. However, a ticket will be required if the child is trying to access the VIP events. All persons, regardless of age, will need a ticket into the VIP events. Children must be chaperoned at all times. 
If I buy a Purgatory Sheriff Package and decide I want to upgrade to Deputy Marshal, can I do that?
Upgrades are only possible if the pass you wish to upgrade is still available. Please check your ticket confirmation page from Growtix and it should let you know. 

If buy a Unicorn VIP package or Deputy Marshal package and want to give away my autographs and/or photo ops, can I do that?

Sure! If you want to be kind and give them to someone at the convention, you can. Every autograph and photo op that's included in packages will be redeemed by turning in a separate ticket you receive when you check in at registration. You can give these special tickets to someone else if you'd like. 

Where do I pick up my badge?
Registration will begin Friday morning. Schedule TBD. Please look for signs at the venue directing you to the ballrooms, our signs for registration will be located near the ballrooms. 

What happens if I lose my badge?

We are unable to replace lost badges, so please keep it safe. If you do misplace it, report it immediately so we can return it if found. A valid photo ID is required to claim a lost badge. If we have leftover badges, we will give you another badge for a replacement fee of $15. 



When will doors open/close?

Schedule TBD. Stay tuned. 


Will there be cast panels?

Of course. Stay tuned for the official schedule of events. 


Which celebrity guests will be in attendance?

Our current guests for 2022 include Kat Barrell, Emily Andras, Tim Rozon, Martina Ortiz-Luis, Tamara Duarte and Zoie Palmer. We have more announcements on the way. Please stay tuned.

Are all guests guaranteed to appear at the event?

All guests that have been officially announced by us have committed to attend the event, however, all celebrity guests have the right to cancel their appearance if certain circumstances require it. If a guest cancels their appearance, it will immediately be announced on our website and social media pages. Please be aware that Earp-a-palooza will not refund tickets due to a certain guest cancellation, because a ticket is bought to gain entry into the convention, not a commitment to see a certain guest. 

How do I meet the celebrity guest I am coming to see?

Your best option to meet the guest is during our VIP dinner meet and greet. Other opportunities to meet the guests will be at their autograph tables while they are signing items. However, please note that the autograph tables are not a place for long, formal conversations. You will be asked to move along if you are holding the line. You can also purchase a separate meet and greet opportunity for one of the guests. 

Can I bring the cast members a gift?

We are encouraging letters this year instead of gifts. The cast will be flying into the host city and taking home extra items in their luggage will cost them more money to haul back home. We will have designated areas for you to drop your letters for the cast members, or simply give it to them at the autograph table. 




How can I get an autograph?

We will have designated autograph sessions throughout the weekend. Autographs will be sold at each guest's autograph table in those designate times. Please note that autograph sales are cash-only. 

Can I take photos of the guests while they're signing my items?

This is not permitted. If you are caught by a volunteer or staff member, you may be asked to step out of the line. The guests will be selling "selfies" at their table for $25. 


Is the autograph area like a meet and greet?

The autograph area is not considered a formal meet and greet; however, you may speak with the cast while they are signing your item. Please note: because of the amount of people wishing to get autographs, you will be asked to move along if a volunteer believes you are holding the line. Please be courteous to other Earpers who are waiting.


Can I bring my own item for them to autograph?

Each autograph purchased includes an 8x10 photo that they will sign, however you may bring your own item to sign instead. 

How can I get a photo-op?

Photo ops will be sold on the official photographers website prior to the convention. They will also be sold at the convention on a cash-only basis. Check out the photographers website to choose the photo op you would like and the desired time slot.


Is the photo-op like a meet and greet?

Photo op is just that - a photo opportunity. It is unfortunately not a meet & greet and should not be viewed as such. Out of fairness to everyone wishing to take a photo, we discourage conversation with the guests aside from a quick hello. The autograph area is a better place to have a longer conversation with the guests.

How much are autographs and photo-ops?

Autographs for each guest are typically $40. Photo op pricing varies depending on photo/group type. Please check back on the official photographers website for pricing. 


If I buy tickets for autographs or photo ops, do I still have to buy admission to the convention?

You must have a ticket/badge to the convention to obtain photo-ops and/or autographs.


Will there be separate lines for VIP and general admission guests?

Unicorn VIP ticket holders have first access into the panel room, followed by Deputy Marshal ticket holders. We will not have separate lines for autograph and photos, except when using the Earp-a-palooza Fast Pass vouchers that comes with VIP. 

Can we take selfies with the cast at the autograph table?
Yes, the cast will be offering selfies at their autograph table for the price of $25, and will be sold on a cash-only basis. 



Are videos/photos allowed during the panels?

In short, photos on personal cell phones and cameras are allowed without flash. Video is not permitted, in any circumstance. Please refer to our terms and conditions to read fully on our photo and video policy.


If I see the cast walking around the venue, can I take a photo with them?

No, this is not allowed. The cast will be offering photo opportunities both in the form of selfies and professional photos. Any photos taken of the cast without their permission while they are walking around the venue is strictly prohibited. Please respect their privacy. If you are caught taking a photo of this nature, you may be asked to leave.

I'm a photographer, can I take photos of the event?

Please contact us at with this request. 


How do I become a vendor at Earp-a-palooza?

We will open vendor applications this summer 2021. Stay tuned.


What am I allowed to have at a vendor table?

A vendor table can include a variety of things. Do you design paintings? You can sell them at your table. Do you make special items? You can sell them at your table. Are you wanting to promote a group or organization? You can promote them at your table. Are you a masseuse who wants to sell massages? Sure. A vendor table is your freedom to promote or sell your items. All tables will need to be approved by Earp-a-palooza staff. 

How much is a vendor table?

A table will cost $100 for the weekend. The vendor fee of $100 only covers the price of your table. You will also need a regular badge/ticket to enter the convention, including the vendor area. Your vendor fee covers two people at your table, however, both people will need to purchase a regular convention ticket. 


How can I get press credentials to cover the event?

We will not be offering press credentials, or having press of any kind at our event. Our event is not so  much a promotional event, rather it is a fan experience where we've chosen to not allow press.

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