Do you like to sing?

Do you want to show off your cosplay?

Introducing Earper Cosplay and Karaoke. On Saturday night, we'll be partying it up, judging the best cosplay, and singing to our hearts desire. There are so many talented Earpers out there, and we want to give you the chance to share your talents and have a little fun! Whether you want to show off your costume, take a stab at singing karaoke, or you just want to hang out with other Earpers, the party is open to everyone. 


We'll start the evening with a cosplay contest, where you'll get the chance to show off your costume to all Earp-a-palooza attendees. If you want to participate in the cosplay contest, you will need to sign up at the registration table when you arrive. The contest will be limited to a certain number of entries. 

After the cosplay contest, we will begin karaoke! We'll have a real professional karaoke machine, with a collection of songs to choose from. If you want to participate in karaoke, you will need to sign up when you collect your badge at the registration table, or at the registration table throughout the day. Sign ups may be available during the party, if there are spots still available.  

Alcohol will also be served at the party. Please remember to adhere to our Terms and Conditions throughout the event. Earp-a-palooza staff have the right to dismiss any person from the party if needed. 


Oct 29 - 31, 2021

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